About Us

Yeaux Mama is a Black woman- owned online store based in Atlanta, GA. Although the official store launched on September 30th, 2019 (my niece’s 9th birthday!), the first product ever sold was back in 2017, with the release of Heauxisms- a book of life lessons about relationships, sex + coming of age in Los Angeles, CA. This book was my start as an entrepreneur + two years later I have worked up the courage to launch my store. Welcome!

As an Africana Studies scholar, how I move through this world is a reflection of my scholastic training. Throughout undergraduate and graduate school, my research had primarily focused on Black men. I had seen a lot of my friends end up unemployed, dead or in jail after high school. And somehow through this experience my mission became to save Black men.

It was not until I turned 30 + had an early midlife crisis that I began to speak more openly about spirituality with a coworker of mine. Through those conversations, more conversations about self-care/love evolved. It was during that time that I realized I spent so much time trying to save these men in an effort to avoid saving myself.


Yeaux Mama represents Black women’s love. Our mission is to create items for Black women out of love for Black women. Yeaux Mama embraces the often conflicting versions of ourselves so that we may find solace in their coexistence. We create items that allow us to be vocal about loving every part of ourselves- the ratchet, the scholar, the spirit + the gangster.