How to Survive Essence Fest At Your Auntie Age

How to Survive Essence Fest At Your Auntie Age

I used to go to Essence Festival and show my ass and be right back at work on Monday. I even did a one day turn around trip from Atlanta to New Orleans back in my day! But as I approach my mid- 30s aka my Big Girl/ Auntie Age, I’ve found this 30+ body does not bounce back like it used to. Now it takes a whole week, a heating pad,Tylenol, and a juice from Arden’s Garden to recover from any weekend of ratchetivities. I wish someone had told me my 30s would be like this. Lucky for you, we created this guide to survive THE Essence Festival, a music festival made for Black women that has workshops, parties and activations centered around our health, wealth and everything in between. It has been on hiatus since 2020 due to COVID-19, but is back with headliners such as The City Girls, New Edition, Janet Jackson and Nicki Minaj, just to name a few. 

Here’s 5 things you need to survive Essence Fest like a Real Auntie:

1. Reusable Water Bottle

It’s HOT! And you will get thirsty! And I’m not talking about a thirst you can quench with a grenade- you need water! You’ll want to fill up before you head out because there will be lots of walking, especially depending on where you are staying

2. Small Umbrella/ Poncho

I doubt you can bring this in any venues, but if are just enjoying the other festivities, you’ll be outside a lot of the time. This means you might get caught in one of New Orleans 30-minute thunderstorms, and wet box braids ain’t cute. 

3. Portable Fan

We old now so waving that lil’ afterparty flyer back and forth won’t cut it! You need a small cute rechargeable portable fan to keep the lashes and brows intact. They even have keychain and around-the-neck versions!

4. Portable Charger

Especially if you’re not staying near the corridor. It’s all fun and games until somebody done walked off with a new juvie aka boo, gets lost or it’s time to call an Uber. Oh, and share your locations in the groupchat for the weekend!

5. Walking Shoes

Now I’m not saying go get you some Sketchers or Easy Spirits, but you will need comfortable shoes. Between the cobblestone and your Hurricane, you need all the support you can get. 


We recommend you grab one of our Somebody Auntie, Every Auntie or Lit Auntie t-shirts for you and your girls to wear together and really represent the Auntie Gang!

This is one of my favorite festivals so I highly recommend it, especially for us old folks! I like to stay in the Garden District near the trolley so I still have easy access to the French Quarter but don't have to stay in the mix (you know us Aunties can't do all those people and all that noise all day!). 

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