Follow These Black Women Influencers for Finance Advice

Follow These Black Women Influencers for Finance Advice

In recent years, the Black community has been making significant strides towards financial empowerment. As part of this movement, Black women have emerged as powerful voices in the world of personal finance. They are sharing their stories, strategies, and advice on how to take control of your finances and build a better financial future. In this blog post, we will introduce you to six Black women finance experts who are changing the game with their unique perspectives, strategies, and advice.

Bola Sokunbi (@clevergirlfinance)

Bola Sokunbi is the founder of Clever Girl Finance, a personal finance platform for women. Through her website, books, and courses, Bola provides practical advice on how to build wealth, invest in the stock market, and achieve financial freedom. Her mission is to empower women with the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their finances.

Tiffany The Budgetnista Aliche (@thebudgetnista)

Tiffany The Budgetnista Aliche is an award-winning personal finance educator and author. Her mission is to help people get out of debt, save money, and build wealth. Through her online courses, workshops, and books, Tiffany provides practical advice on budgeting, credit management, and investing. She is a leading voice in the personal finance community and has been featured in numerous media outlets.

Lakisha L. Simmons (@drkishasimmons)

Dr. Lakisha Simmons is the founder of the AchieveHer Movement and a tireless advocate for financial freedom. She provides a wide range of resources to help her members reach their goals. From her popular AchieveHer Masterclass to her monthly webinars and coaching sessions, Dr. Simmons offers a comprehensive program that covers topics like budgeting, debt reduction, investing, and more. She also provides members with access to her online library of books, podcasts, and videos. In addition, she offers private one-on-one mentoring sessions for those who need extra guidance on their journey to financial freedom. Finally, Dr. Simmons has an active social media presence where she shares daily tips and inspirational stories to keep her members motivated. With these resources, members can learn how to take control of their finances and create a secure future for themselves.

Paris Woods (@pariswoods)

Paris Woods is the author of The Black Girl's Guide to Financial Freedom. This illuminating book provides clear and actionable advice that anyone can follow, with real-life stories to illustrate the strategies. From building generational wealth to achieving financial independence and retiring early, Paris takes the guesswork out of wealth-building and presents a plan that Black women of any age can use to design a dream life they can start living today.

Tonya Rapley (@myfabfinance)

Tonya Rapley is the founder of My Fab Finance, a personal finance platform for millennials. Through her website, courses, and workshops, Tonya provides practical advice on budgeting, debt management, and investing. She is committed to empowering young adults to take control of their finances and achieve their goals.

Eugenié George (@eugeniegeorge)

Eugenie George is the author of Our Money Stories, a holistic financial wellness plan. She addresses how many of us are carrying around money stories that don't serve us. These stories may be rooted in our history and our environment, but they don't have to dictate our future. This book takes us step by step in recognizing our money stories and shifting our perspective, se we can start to build a healthier relationship with money and move towards financial success.

Black women finance experts are leading the charge towards financial empowerment and creating space for important conversations about money. Through their platforms, they provide practical advice, share their stories, and inspire others to take control of their finances. By following their advice and taking steps towards financial freedom, you can create a better future for yourself and your community.

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