5 Black Women Therapists You Need to Follow

5 Black Women Therapists You Need to Follow

This Mental Health Awareness Month we wanted to highlight some Black therapists who have been gracious enough to share some tips and tricks with us via their social media. We know some of us aren't ready to go to therapy or just cannot afford it at this time, so tuning into these Black therapists' content can be extremely helpful in keeping our mental health top of the mind, without too much commitment. 

1. Dr. Thema

We love her content because she gives gentle reminders to protect your peace. Her affirmations are empowering and hit home because they reflect everyday feelings we share about navigating personal, professional and romantic relationships. She also has a podcast and recently published her book, Homecoming: Overcome Fear and Trauma to Reclaim Your Whole, Authentic Self.

Homecoming book by Dr. Thema

2. Nedra Tawwab

This woman is everything!  Like Dr. Thema, she gives tips for dealing with real- life situations but takes it a step further by providing actual phrases you can use to respond to situations in which you need to set boundaries. She also has a book about setting boundaries which we have personally enjoyed on our journey called Set Boundaries, Find Peace and a whole website of free resources and quizzes!

5 Boundaries for When People Aren't Meeting Your Expectations by Dr. Nedra Tawwab

3. Dr. Joy

Not only has Dr. Joy given us a whole directory for Black women therapists, but she is dropping gems on her podcast! We love her content and are looking forward to her new book Sisterhood Heals.

Dr. Joy book called Sisterhood Healing

4. A Black Female Therapist

Brittney Cobb is giving us explanations for hurtful actions so that we can have more understanding of others and ourselves. She provides resources, where to look for a therapist, and even an Amazon store full of helpful books and self- care items.  

A Black Female Therapist instagram post: Speaking up can be scary

5. Dr. Mariel Buqué

We love Dr. Mariel's video clips she's coined as her Tea Therapy Session's where she spills the tea on reparenting, triggers, and even toxic positivity. She has free Soul Healing e-book and courses that fill up pretty fast.

Free Soul Healing E-book by Dr. Mariel

BONUS: Alex Elle

Although she's not a therapist, she's definitely worth the follow! She is the author of After the Rain and offers so many resources from her Youtube channel to her podcast- both you NEED to check out!


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