4 Black Wellness Retreats to Check Out in 2023

4 Black Wellness Retreats to Check Out in 2023

Are you looking for the perfect Black wellness retreat in 2023? Look no further! We will highlight seven of the best Black wellness retreats around the world to choose from in 2023. Whether you are seeking relaxation, spiritual healing, or self-care, these Black wellness retreats have something for everyone. Each retreat offers unique experiences and activities that will help you rejuvenate, learn, and connect with yourself and your community. So, if you’re ready to take a much-needed break, check out these 4 incredible Black wellness retreats.

Black Women Healing Retreats

The importance of self-care and healing for Black women cannot be overstated. Taking time away from the daily grind to restore and revive your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is a necessity that should not be overlooked. 

That’s why it’s so great that in 2023, there are a variety of retreats and getaways specifically catered to the needs of Black women. These retreats offer a combination of spiritual, therapeutic, and recreational activities designed to help participants gain insight and clarity into their own lives. 

If you’re looking for something more global, there are also black wellness retreats around the world. These international retreats provide a chance to explore different cultures and environments while taking part in self-care activities. Whether you’re interested in yoga, meditation, cultural tours, or something else entirely, you’re sure to find an international retreat that meets your needs. 

In short, there are so many amazing Black women healing retreats available in 2023. From luxurious spas to weekend getaways, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a way to heal from trauma or just want some time to relax and reset, these retreats are sure to provide you with the support and guidance you need.

OMNoire Retreats

If you're looking for a Black-owned spiritual retreat, OMNoire Retreats is the place to be. Founded by Christina Rice, this all-inclusive wellness retreat is designed to provide an opportunity for rest and relaxation while fostering a sense of community. At OMNoire Retreats, you can expect to experience engaging workshops and activities that promote personal growth and transformation. As part of the retreat's goal of creating an atmosphere of healing and self-care, their team of certified facilitators and licensed therapists guide guests through interactive sessions that focus on mental and physical wellness, spiritual nourishment, and holistic healing. 

At OMNoire Retreats, it is their mission to provide a safe and nurturing space for Black women to come together and heal. Their programs emphasize healthy eating habits, meditation, yoga, and more to help guests connect with their true selves. Past trips have included Bali, Grenada, Ghana, Barbados, Poconos, Arizona, Portugal and more. So if you're looking for a Black-owned wellness retreat, OMNoire Retreats should be at the top of your list.

Imara Retreat

The Imara Retreat is a black-owned spiritual retreat center offering an array of healing and wellness services for Black women. This luxurious retreat provides an opportunity for Black women to experience rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and connection with themselves and their sisters from all over the world. In 2023, the Imara Retreat will be hosting their retreat in Marrakech in Morocco. The retreats will include glamping, yoga, meditation, empowerment workshops, and cultural excursions. All of these activities are designed to foster growth, provide solace and create a safe space for Black women to heal. The Imara Retreat offers a unique opportunity for Black women to come together and share stories, learn from one another and celebrate the beauty of Black sisterhood. Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or a chance to reconnect with your community, the Imara Retreat is the perfect place to explore the healing power of Black women. 

The Imara Retreat is the perfect place for Black women looking for a unique healing experience. Whether you are seeking solace and rejuvenation or an opportunity to connect with other Black women, the Imara Retreat will provide you with a luxurious and unforgettable experience. With a variety of activities and amenities, the Imara Retreat is one of the best black-owned healing retreats of 2023.

The Self Care Retreat

The Self Care Retreat, founded by Shanicia Boswell, is an amazing opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on yourself. Taking place in beautiful locations around the world, this unique weekend-long retreat is designed to give you the time and space to rest and recharge. Participants will enjoy activities like yoga, meditation, and nutrition classes as well as workshops and talks to help them learn more about self-care. In addition, they will have access to massage therapists, saunas, and other wellness amenities to enhance their experience. With a supportive community of peers and a passionate team of experts to guide them, participants can expect to leave the retreat feeling more connected to themselves, their passions, and those around them.

This year's retreats include trips to Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia, Kenya and Zanzibar, Africa, Bali, Indonesia, and a Mommy and Me Retreat in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Girl Trek

GirlTrek is a national health movement for Black women and girls. It is the largest public health nonprofit for Black women and girls in the United States, founded with the mission to inspire healthy living through walking campaigns, community leadership, and health advocacy. Founded by T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison in 2010, GirlTrek is focused on motivating Black women and girls to prioritize their own health and wellness by making physical activity part of their everyday lives.

GirlTrek mobilizes individuals and communities through grassroots campaigns, digital organizing, and large-scale events. Through these campaigns, GirlTrek encourages Black women to adopt walking as part of their daily routine to reduce chronic disease, increase longevity, and strengthen communities. By focusing on physical and mental well-being, GirlTrek creates an environment of support that helps Black women live healthier, longer lives. The organization also works to amplify the voices of Black women, lift up the stories of their resilience, and create a movement for Black female liberation.

GirlTrek's national and international communities host local events to engage members. You can find more information on opportunities in your city here.

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Why community wellness with Black women is important

With the increasing demand for self-care and wellness, Black-owned retreats are popping up all over the country. These black-owned spiritual retreats and healing retreats for Black women provide safe and culturally relevant spaces for Black women to heal and to foster connection and community. 

These retreats allow Black women to connect with one another and create meaningful conversations around topics such as mental health, body image, and trauma. By providing a safe space to discuss issues that directly affect the Black community, these retreats enable Black women to share their stories, build relationships, and gain strength through support and understanding. 

In addition to providing a supportive space for Black women to grow, these retreats also give attendees the opportunity to learn about holistic healing practices such as yoga, meditation, dance, and nutrition. By experiencing these practices in a communal setting, Black women can strengthen their understanding of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Overall, attending Black wellness retreats is an important way for Black women to engage in self-care and communal healing. By creating spaces where Black women can openly discuss their experiences and explore various healing modalities, these retreats provide invaluable opportunities for growth. 

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